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The FieldApex precision farming platform is propelled by Effigis Geo-Solutions, a technology innovation company in geospatial solutions. The dedicated team behind FieldApex is part of Effigis’ Earth Observation division.

The team works at making the vision for FieldApex a reality: to connect geospatial technologies and agronomic data around the world, by developing independent, strategic prescription tools and applications focusing on farmers’ needs.

Our team

Mathieu Benoit, MBA, Vice-President, Earth Observation

Mathieu is passionate about geomatics. He has a bachelor’s degree in this field, and holds a MBA. He is especially involved in using remote sensing to generate strategic geospatial information in support of land management. He is responsible for implementing solutions based on artificial intelligence at local and international levels, to meet the needs of various industries, including precision farming; renewable energies; and natural disasters impact assessment.

Yacine Bouroubi, PhD, Special Collaborator, R-D

Yacine’s field of interest is the application of artificial intelligence techniques to very high resolution satellite images. He holds a PhD degree in remote sensing and is professor in the Departement of Applied Geomatics at the Université de Sherbrooke. In this capacity, he is pursuing R & D work on FieldApex in collaboration with Effigis. From 2014 to 2018, he participated in the development of the SCAN.AI algorithm as Chief Scientist at Effigis. Previously, he worked for 10 years at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada on soil and crop data mining projects using satellite imagery.

Marc-Antoine Noreau-Marois, Lead Software Engineer

Marc-Antoine is interested in everything related to programming and has a bachelor degree in Information Technology Engineering. He was involved in the development of web applications for various industries, including tourism, e-commerce, insurance and the food industry. As part of FieldApex, he’s in charge of designing and documenting APIs, implementing CI/CD processes, and ensuring the technology watch for back-end and devops solutions. When he’s not behind his computer, he’s probably playing cosom hockey, home-smoking meat or relaxing around a good meal.

Emily Harason, Web and Mobile Front-end Developer

Emily is enthusiastic about developing technologies focused on the environment and sustainability. She received her MSc in Geoinformatics from the University of Münster where she concentrated on cognitive processing  of spatial information. She has previously worked for start-ups in the transportation, indoor navigation, and environmental response sectors, developing geospatial web and mobile applications. At FieldApex, she is designing and implementing components and interfaces in the front-end. In her spare time, you can find her canoeing, cycling, or talking about canoeing or cycling.

Christian Jauvin, Software Developer

Christian is passionate about many fundamental topics in Computer Science: AI, algorithms, web programming and GIS in particular. He learned to program by himself using a Commodore 64 in his youth, and never ceased to feed this passion, throughout his career.

Jean Kiepura, Senior Analyst, GIS

Pierre Bugnet, Remote Sensing Specialist

Thuy Nguyen-Xuan, SIG Specialist

Cindy Fraser, Satellite Imagery Consultant and Quality Control

Marise Daigle, Communications and Marketing Director

Our team works in collaboration with the other 200 employees and geospatial information systems (GIS) specialists at Effigis Geo-Solutions.