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FieldApex 2018 Results

The FieldApex 2018 results are out!

May 06 2019
The 2018 season has been dry and as such, it was providential in demonstrating the value of using FieldApex year after year. According to our assessors, on average 8 out of 10 rates estimated by FieldApex were the closest to the most profitable rate.
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Record+ now incorporates FieldApex nitrogen prescriptions

Dec 06 2018
Logiag customers may now sign up for a management support plan that includes optimizing nitrogen management and informs them on their crop health
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A “Siri” assistant for the farm is knocking at the door: How artificial intelligence is about to take farming by storm

Oct 25 2018
The day when every piece of equipment and sensor will be connected to a farm management platform is within sight, thanks to artificial intelligence.
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Satellite or drone image: which one to choose?

Jul 24 2018
Choosing from satellite or drone images: A comparative review satellite and drone imagery and their applications and limitations in precision farming.
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Dry weather translates in low nitrogen rates.

Low prescribed nitrogen rates? Dry weather and occasional rain are an opportunity to reduce nitrogen costs

Jun 18 2018
This post will help you understand the rates prescribed by SCAN.AI in FieldApex in 2018, considering the following aspects: low and erratic rainfall, chances of saving on nitrogen during dry years, normality of low prescribed rates, progressive approach to using FieldApex, prescriptions varying depending on weather conditions, importance of agronomists and farmers using their own judgement.
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FieldApex revolutionizes the management of fertilizers applied to fields

Jun 01 2018
Satellite imagery and artificial intelligence connected to leading precision agriculture platforms will maximize farm profitability
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How customized nitrogen fertilization maximizes economic and environmental gains

Feb 23 2016
Satellite images are the ideal tool to provide much of the reliable, accurate and complete information required to determine the right rate of fertilizer to apply, in the right place, and at the right time.
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Accurate, proven and simple, FieldApex application and products will complement the leading precision agriculture platforms on the market. FieldApex is propelled by Effigis Geo-Solutions, in partnership with professionals and independent researchers.