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Effigis Partners with The Climate Corporation to Deliver Nitrogen Prescriptions to Mutual Farmer Customers

MONTREAL (June 12, 2019) — Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis), a leader in innovative geospatial-driven technology, announced today a platform partnership agreement with The Climate Corporation (Climate), a subsidiary of Bayer. This agreement will provide two-way data connectivity between the Climate FieldView™ digital agriculture platform and Effigis’s FieldApex fertilizer management platform. The partnership will offer Canadian farmers and their agronomic partners optimized nitrogen management support for the 2019 growing season, enabling access to Effigis corn nitrogen rate prescriptions in the FieldView platform.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Climate to bring more value to farmers, helping them make the most out of their farm data to manage nitrogen through platform integration,” said Nicos-Keable Vezina, Precision Agriculture Director at Effigis. “Partnering with Climate is a step forward in Effigis’ vision to connect innovative technologies, artificial intelligence and agronomic insights to develop strategic fertilizer prescription tools and apps that can increase farmer profitability and sustainability.”

With Climate FieldView, farmers across more than 60 million paid acres globally are experiencing fast, accessible field data collection and the ability to gain analytics-based insights from their data for increased productivity. The new addition of the FieldApex platform will provide farmers who use Climate FieldView the ability to seamlessly access additional fertilization management tools to support their field management decisions, backed by industry-leading technology and data specific to their operations.

“Given the importance of more precise nitrogen management for farmers, along with increasingly unpredictable weather conditions, this partnership can help our mutual farmer customers better manage fertilization and optimize productivity,’’ said Mark Young, CTO and Head of Product for The Climate Corporation.

FieldApex is a fertilizer management platform that calculates the most profitable nitrogen rate to apply to corn fields for each parcel and each season while protecting yields and the environment. This is achieved by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and interconnected data from multiple platforms. Accurate, trusted, and simple, it complements the tools currently on the market and aims to interconnect with leading precision agriculture platforms. FieldApex is developed and validated by agronomists and independent scientists. It is propelled and commercialized by Effigis Geo-Solutions. Visit for more information.


About Effigis-Geo-Solutions

Effigis Geo-Solutions Inc. is a technology innovation company that designs geospatial-driven solutions. It serves numerous industries, including precision agriculture, telecommunications, energy, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, engineering, and forestry. It draws from a vast selection of geospatial data collection tools to provide services ranging from satellite image analysis to the development of custom solutions supporting land mapping, field operations, cable network monitoring, and asset management. It has developed and commercialized three proprietary solutions, namely FieldApex, CPAT FLEX, and OnPOZ. Effigis head-quartered in Montreal, Canada.

About FieldApex

Accurate, proven and simple, FieldApex application and products will complement the leading precision agriculture platforms on the market. FieldApex is propelled by Effigis Geo-Solutions, in partnership with professionals and independent researchers.

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