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New functionalities and developments in 2019 for FieldApex

FieldApex accurately estimates your nitrogen needs without the costs associated with soil testing

The small FieldApex team has been very busy in 2018-2019, first building strong relationships with industry leaders such as Climate FieldView, Logiag and John Deere. We will also make several announcements of formal partnerships in the coming weeks. A new application that will interconnect with major precision farming platforms is also under development.

The currently available application has also been enhanced by the addition of several new features on June 6, 2019. This post goes over the main improvements and reflects on current developments.

FieldApex new features

A new rate for protecting yield in addition to the rate that prioritizes profit

In addition to the Economically Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR) that aims to maximize profit, FieldApex now incorporates an estimate of nitrogen needs rather prioritizing the protection of yields, i.e.: the Agronomic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (AONR). FieldApex therefore adapts more easily than ever to the needs of each farm business. To understand the difference in detail, read our data sheet.


Effect of applied nitrogen
rate on profit
Effect of applied nitrogen
rate on yield
Choose the EONR
Chose the AONR

* The average Agronomic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (AONR) is higher than the Economically Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR). It aims to reach your average maximum yield based on historical yields. Although less profitable than the EONR, the AONR focuses on securing yields while minimizing excess nitrogen application.

Free imaging throughout the season, for any field on the planet!

Since our algorithms draw intelligence from imagery-extracted data, we make images available for free. This facilitates crop monitoring during the season. Users will be able to see an average of 12 images per field throughout the growing season, which is more than enough for our SCAN.AI algorithm to analyze nitrogen requirements at the scale of geospatial variation. FieldApex also make historical images available for all your fields.

Again, the visualization of images is free.

Good resolution images

On May 17 On May 27

Parcel-level precision

FieldApex now includes weather data at the scale of each field and takes advantage of the latest radar and the latest weather algorithms. These technologies make it possible to simply and quickly estimate seasonal precipitation on an unprecedented scale, thanks to a partnership with Iteris, the world leader in agricultural weather. In addition to using weather data in rate calculation, we will gradually make weather data available to FieldApex users.

Generation of batch prescriptions

The rate calculation module has been improved and now makes it possible to generate field batch rates for the same farm.

Generation of field batch rates

Automated update of nitrogen rates

For each farm business, it is possible to set up an automated update of nitrogen rates at the beginning of the season and to receive an automated email with the most up-to-date rates for all fields of the farm business if and when the established threshold of variation is exceeded.

Progress on the new developments front

Variable rate

We may generate variable rate application maps provided that you submit a request. You will be asked to answer a series of questions and to send us your converted soil texture maps from technologies such as SoilOptix, Veris or data from government maps.

The “variable rate” mode will be automated in the new application currently being developed, which should be ready for the 2020 season. The FieldApex team apologizes for the development deadlines, but we aim above all to do things well so to offer you optimal results.

Interconnection with John Deere and other platforms

The current redesign of our application will enable us to interconnect with John Deere and Climate FieldView®. Creating nitrogen application maps will never have been that easy. 
This will enable users to experience a process that requires no data conversion, no double entry and therefore no hassle. A flawless process, from beginning to when nitrogen application maps are right there in your equipment controllers.

Soil texture identification using satellite images

We are developing a North American soil texture map on a scale of 1:5,000 to 1:10,000, which is so much more accurate than the best public soil texture databases available in the United States and Canada, whose scales are generally between 1:12 000 and 1:63 000. Once the feature will cover enough fields, the data will be integrated within FieldApex.

The vision on which we build

To become the most accurate fertilizer application in North America that interconnects with leading industry platforms, to deliver to precision agriculture professionals precision fertilizer application maps based on the best fertilizer need estimates for each plot and each season, thanks to intelligence drawn from agronomic, economic and weather data, as well as imagery from all sources.

Thank you for participating in the development of FieldApex. Your contribution is paramount to support the future of fertilization.

FieldApex is an exceptional starting point for establishing nitrogen requirements for each season and should always be used as part of an approach involving both the agronomist and the farmer.

About FieldApex

Accurate, proven and simple, FieldApex application and products will complement the leading precision agriculture platforms on the market. FieldApex is propelled by Effigis Geo-Solutions, in partnership with professionals and independent researchers.

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