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Increase the profitability of corn fields

FieldApex is a precise, trusted and simple solution for managing the application of fertilizer. It maximizes the profitability of farms by calculating the optimal nitrogen rate to apply to the fields at the very moment of application.


A simple way to maximise profit: optimizing the nitrogen rate

FieldApex answers the question of how much nitrogen to apply to fields by balancing the need for successful crops with the cost of nitrogen. It targets the rate that maximizes profit —in other words, the “Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate”, or EONR.



A rate simply made smarter

The artificial intelligence algorithm determines the most cost-effective rate in a matter of seconds, considering in real time:

  • Past and future seasonal weather
  • Soil texture
  • Seasonal crop vigour, using satellite imagery
  • Grain and nitrogen prices
  • Previous crop grown
  • Organic matter
  • Average historical yields


With FieldApex, you can better adjust the buffer for seasonal weather, and maximize profit

Scientifically proven average savings

The key to maximized profit is to use FieldApex every year. The more extreme the weather, the more profitable. Normal weather will generate calculations closer to your usual rates.



Variation in the calculation depending on the application method, the season, and the plot

Are you yield or profit-focused?

The yield-focused average Agronomic Optimum Nitrogen Rate (AONR) is higher than the profit-focused Economically Optimum Nitrogen Rate (EONR). AONR aims to reach the average maximum yield based on historical yields. Although less profitable than the EONR, it focuses on securing yields while minimizing excess nitrogen application.


Variation in the total nitrogen rate applied with FieldApex (lbs/acre)* Depending on weather and soil texture

45 lbs/acre with the starter and the rest in post-emergence

Scenario: Organic matter: 2.0%, probable yield (historical): 223 bushels/acre, nitrogen price/ton (N: 100%): $1,000, price per bushel of corn: $5,08, previous crop: corn.


Potential difference between a dry and a wet season


  Calculated nitrogen rate
  115 lbs/acre
  Related nitrogen rate


Effect of applied nitrogen
rate on profit
Effect of applied nitrogen
rate on yield

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