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How to use FieldApex?

FieldApex is an easy-to-use tool for determining a nitrogen dose close to the Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR). The tool requires the input of some agronomic and economic parameters. It is directly connected to a network of weather stations, which automates the calculation of the nitrogen dose according to historical and future precipitation data. The tool targets sidedress fertilization for grain corn. Other productions will be added over the years.

I have a weather station. Can I use my own rainfall data in FieldApex?

Yes. In the Calculate the Economically Optimal Nitrogen Rate (EONR) module, the Precipitation subsection will appear after a few seconds in the dropdown menu to the left. You will see rainfall data from the last 15 days for your parcel of land.

In the Corrected Value column, you can manually enter the precipitation noted by your weather station. You must then record it before validating it. It will be saved and you will automatically see it the next time you receive a suggested rate for your management zone.


How does FieldApex generate variable rate nitrogen maps?

FieldApex offers a turnkey service to generate N-VRX variable rate maps that integrate the following data layers:

  • High-resolution satellite image of nitrogen needs, calibrated for corn;
  • Your soil texture shapefile;
  • FieldApex nitrogen rate calculations in variable rate mode.

FieldApex uses calibrated imagery to accurately determine the spatial variance of nitrogen needs in your corn grain fields. This methodology does not require any sensor on board the tractor, which eliminates handling and calibration issues.

FieldApex also offers a technical assistance service to convert an apparent soil electrical conductivity map into a soil texture map.


How does billing for FieldApex services work?

An invoice will be e-mailed to you at the end of July corresponding to the number of acres you used during the season. This bill will be broken down for each of the farms that you have registered in FieldApex so that you can bill your customers accordingly.


Does FieldApex take into account nitrogen already present in soil?

FieldApex estimates your nitrogen needs for each parcel –whatever the source of nitrogen.

It takes into account good practices such as crop rotations and organic amendments, including manure, cover crop, and other residual organic matter. In addition, FieldApex asks for previous crop, average soil organic matter (SOM), your nitrogen fertilizer price, variable or average soil texture and a few other important parameters. The platform then imports weather data and satellite imagery, and calculates your field’s actual need for nitrogen.

With its artificial intelligence algorithm, FieldApex calculates in seconds the right rate –a rate that will protect yields and the environment while maximizing profit, because it minimizes excessive nitrogen application. In that sense, FieldApex perfectly fits with the 4R nutrient stewardship: Right rate, Right source, Right time, and Right place,